About Us

Mayslits Kassif Architects was founded in Tel Aviv by Ganit Mayslits Kassif & Udi Kassif in 1994. Viewing architecture as a major cultural and environmental tool, the practice is involved in a variety of projects in the fields of public buildings, landscape urbanism, urban planning, housing and retail. The Mayslits Kassif team is comprised of 22 people, 20 of which are architects. Maor Roytman joined the founders In 2008, as an associate in the firm. Since 1997 Mayslits Kassif Architects have won several major public competitions and following the construction of its works, the practice was awarded several prestigious architectural awards both in Israel and in Europe. Fundamental to our approach is our belief in intelligent architecture which on the one hand is responsible and responsive, whilst on the other, innovative and playful. Redefining our role as architects, as well as our scope of action, is a basic strategy in all of our interventions. As part of our collaborative methodology we invite strategic forms of professional interactions with branding experts, economic consultants, media designers, artists, environmental specialists etc. Hand in hand with the constant search for excellence we take the time to work closely with our clients and project teams in order to best achieve the project’s goals and their optimal materialization .The specific confines of each project are viewed as a challenges and potential generators of catalytic and inspired work. As a main principle Mayslits Kassif is committed to its reputation of being a leading contemporary firm of the highest professional standards, combining research and practice with a total dedication to the success of each and every project. In recent years, following some distinctive records, Mayslits Kassif Architects is appreciated for it’s strive for excellence within both government and private sectors, and therefore often invited to take part in the design of some of the most challenging and prestigious projects in Israel. The practice is working according to ISO 9001 standards.